I always loved sport as a youngster but by the time I was a teenager I lost my enthusiasm and began to make unhealthy choices. Desperate to lose weight and return to my more energetic self I took the opportunity of attending an aerobics class with a friend. I could barely make it through the warm up, but I was determined to get fit so I kept going each week and before I knew it I was hooked! I qualified to teach exercise to music and that is where my passion really began. I taught packed classes all over London which led to me extend my knowledge base and begin teaching teachers all over the world from Australia to America. 

I took up martial arts and began exploring different forms of exercise. As my experience grew so did my curiosity into all things 'well being' related. I began working with individual clients and saw the difference that some exercise and lifestyle changes could make to their health and happiness. I went on to study Yoga, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Pilates and many other philosophies. 

Today I am fortunate to work with several other talented professionals that I've met over the years. I also have many and varied wonderful clients who constantly amaze me in the transformations they make. I continue my quest to create a form of all encompassing exercise drawing on many disciplines.

'I truly love creating completely bespoke programmes for clients, drawing on my many interests. Each person is individual and their exercise should be tailored accordingly.
I believe in balance, finding each persons equilibrium in health and movement. Everyone should be able to move and feel invigorated without fear of pain and injury. Movement should be fun, and increase our sense of well being'.