"I’ve been training with Melissa for eight years and in that time she has seen me through two pregnancies and births and helped me successfully recover from a couple of serious riding injuries. I can’t imagine ever finding anyone who is as brilliantly talented, experienced, sympathetic and intelligent as she is.
Melissa is so much more than a personal trainer. Her approach to the body is comprehensive, rigorous, sophisticated and incredibly thorough. She incorporates different areas of her training and expertise – pilates, yoga, nutrition, hormones – into her work. She is constantly responding to and attending to the particular circumstances and needs of her clients. This means the work is never the same and that the sessions are fun as well as effective. I always feel amazing - better, fitter, calmer, clearer – after seeing Melissa. I cannot recommend her highly enough; she is, quite simply, genius at what she does."

- Tree

"I have been training with Melissa for over 15 years and I think she a cut above the best in the business . Her extensive knowledge and experience in the industry means she is well equipped to deal with injuries, pregnancies and most of life’s hurdles. She creates a bespoke program that fits your personal circumstances and ensures you always get the most out of each workout. Once you’ve worked with Melissa, its hard to  contemplate another trainer!"

- Lexie

"I have worked with Melissa for 8 years, and she has literally made a difference to my life. She manages to be both sensitive to your capabilities whilst at the same time encouraging you to fulfil your potential. She is an excellent teacher of all age groups who tailors the programme to fit your requirements and aspirations, and does it with kindness and a lovely sense of humour."

- Caromy

"Mel has been working with my husband and I, for a number of years. This is no mean feat, considering we are polar opposites in terms of both character and physique. Somehow Mel combines her many disciplines to help us find a practice that is both enjoyable and effective; treating numerous problems in a way that always remains fun. She carefully guides us to our chosen goals, and far beyond. I can't imagine being without her."

- Davina